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In-House CLE for Law Firms and Organizations

The Likeable Lawyer's popular in-house CLE programs deliver high-value insight. We recognize that a lawyer's success depends on persuasion, influence, communication and negotiation. Our in-house CLE gives lawyers from any practice area the tools they need to expand their influence, improve client satisfaction, and increase their success.

Most of our presentations qualify for CLE ethics, professionalism and other specialty credit, and vary in length from one hour to a full day. All programs are entertaining and rich with practical significance. For more information about our in-house CLE programs, please email Brian Hammer, or call (512) 448-1133.

Testimonials about our in-house programs

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Program Titles

All of our programs are available as in-house CLE. We frequently combine elements from several titles to meet our client's particular objectives. Following are some of our currently approved in-house courses.

The Trusted Lawyer

Illustrated with colorful examples and anecdotes, this program examines the consequences of unintentional communication and illuminates the elements necessary to achieve the highest degrees of influence and client satisfaction.

The Persuasive Lawyer

Beyond logical argument, this insightful and entertaining program examines persuasion in a fresh light and gives lawyers skills to effectively persuade anyone—including clients, opposing counsel, and staff.

Lessons from Improvisation

Looking for team-building, new perspectives and fun? This interactive program borrows techniques from improvisational acting to demonstrate relevant parallels that will help lawyers create the right atmosphere for influence and persuasion.

Influence Without Formal Authority

Do other departments within your organization see lawyers as overly negative? This program has impressed legal departments nationwide with its practical investigation into improving professional relationships and increasing influence over everyone—both inside and outside of the organization.

Lessons from Aristotle

Law school teaches lawyers to construct a brilliant argument. But logic is only one-third of Aristotle’s persuasion formula. This program explores the other two-thirds (credibility and passion) and gives lawyers the insight necessary to achieve greater influence and negotiation success.

Expansive Negotiation

This course introduces a refreshing negotiation model that is employed by successful mediators and lawyers. Lawyers learn how to create an atmosphere of collaboration that expands creativity and results in better outcomes for all concerned.

The Lawyer Under Stress

Recognizing that anxiety is one of the most significant impediments to professional success and health, this program goes beyond the usual stress-management techniques. Lawyers will learn unique and effective strategies to reduce anxiety and stress, improve professional relationships, and stay on track toward achieving professional and personal objectives.

Beyond Hardball: Winning Difficult Negotiations

There are times when we are forced to engage with difficult people. This program illuminates effective strategies for reducing acrimony and conflict, reorienting difficult situations, and achieving productive results.

Additional program options

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"For the past few years I have been responsible for organizing Hasbro's Annual Legal Department Conference. The Likeable Lawyer facilitated "The Trusted Lawyer" as an in-house program for our Conference ... [It] was the highest-rated one we have had."
Kevin Grady, Managing Attorney,
Hasbro, Inc.

"The Likeable Lawyer's programs are inventive, entertaining and engaging and helped us improve how we communicate with colleagues and clients, and can benefit any organization committed to building better working relationships."
Robert Van Brocklin, Managing Partner,
Stoel Rives, LLP

"Brian's presentations not only are entertaining, but the information and techniques taught are immediately actionable to improve any lawyer's practice skills."
Matthew Lyons,
Andrews & Kurth

"This CLE has a surprisingly immediate and deep impact on the lawyers who take it. I expect that this will really alter my practice, and that is a first for CLEs."
Lauren Harrison,
Vinson & Elkins

"Well done—great content!"
Peter Duffley,
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice