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Doing Business with a Bud: An Analysis of Liabilities for Entities Connected to the Marijuana Industry

May 12, 2017
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Central Time Zone

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Because of inconsistencies among state laws, and tension between state and federal laws, significant uncertainty exists for anyone who does business in or around the marijuana industry. Sound complicated? It can be. Could a plumber who does work for a marijuana grower be considered a RICO co-conspirator? Might a landlord who rents to a marijuana dispensary have his property seized? This program examines the myriad legal uncertainties related to the business of marijuana, including issues that arise under employment, criminal, and banking law, just to name a few. Whether a lawyer represents clients directly in the marijuana business (growers, dispensaries), or someone who might do business with someone in the marijuana business (plumbers, landlords, banks), this course presents an overview of the law in a variety of business-related areas. After taking this program, lawyers will:

  • Understand how legalized marijuana affects a variety of practice areas including: tax, employment, intellectual property, contracts, and criminal.
  • Be better able to proactively counsel clients on important issues that should be considered before doing business with the legal marijuana industry.



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Risk Reward—Representing a Marijuana Business
This section covers the nuts-and-bolts involved with the daily counseling of a marijuana business. The presenters will discuss two foundational issues: the ethics of representing a marijuana business, and the federal government’s current enforcement policy. Next, the presenters will examine the risks lawyers must consider in counseling clients with regard to: business structure, intellectual property, tax deductions, banking services, and insurance concerns.


Don’t Touch the Plant—Representing Entities that Serve Marijuana Businesses
In this section, the presenters will examine the fallacy of “don’t touch the plant” and the risks lawyers must consider when advising clients who come into contact with or do business with a marijuana business. Some of these risks include: criminal and RICO liability; leasing, banking services, contracting for services provided to marijuana businesses, insurance, and employment issues.


Jeffrey Stec

Jeffrey Stec, J.D. has been a licensed lawyer since 1992, having practiced in the area of complex-family matters, including estate, divorce, and child custody disputes. Jeff developed his collaborative skills by becoming a certified mediator and strategic planning facilitator, specializing in family issues. Jeff has developed an expertise in the collaborative resolution of disputes, and in addition to his work with The Likeable Lawyer, he is currently a sought-after consultant who works with non-profits and municipalities to fashion solutions to complex organizational and community issues. Jeffrey graduated with honors from the University of Michigan Law School, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with high honors from the University of Michigan.

Dan Riffle

As director of federal policies, Dan executes MPP’s lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill. Prior to his promotion to this position, Dan served for 3.5 years as a legislative analyst in the State Policies department. In 2011, Dan was instrumental in expanding Vermont’s medical marijuana law to include state-regulated dispensaries and led the lobbying effort to provide patients with debilitating medical conditions in Maryland with an affirmative defense against charges of marijuana possession. In 2013, he shepherded medical marijuana legislation through the Illinois Legislature, making it the second largest medical marijuana state and capping off a 10-year lobbying effort by MPP, as well as expanding Maryland’s legal protections to caregivers and establishing a statewide medical marijuana research program. Before working at MPP, Dan practiced law as an assistant prosecutor in Vinton County, Ohio. He has also worked in the office of former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, the Ohio EPA, and Columbus Legal Aid Society and was a founding partner of Viridis Law Group in southern California. He is a graduate of the Ohio State University and received his J.D. from Capital University Law School.

Date: 05/12/2017
Start Time: 13:30:00Central Time Zone
End Time: 14:30:00Central Time Zone

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